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Mayor Greg Ballard

Source: official mayor office photo

In the most determined and forceful speech he’s ever given, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard stood up for all 934,000 residents of Indianapolis and forcefully declared that the Indianapolis was not going to allow “40 years of efforts” at being an inclusive city be ruined by the efforts of the Indiana Legislature and Governor in to allow discrimination against Indianapolis residents.  Speaking in front of the City-County Building, Mayor Ballard called on Governor Mike Pence and the Indiana Legislature to either Repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) or substantially change it. And the Mayor said “Do it Immediately!”. Mayor Ballard also issued an Executive Order requiring that “entities that receive city (county) funds must abide by the City’s human rights ordinances”. The Mayor also called on the legislature to change state law to include sexual ordination and gender preference as protected classes under the state’s civil rights statute. In the wake of nervousness by Indianapolis based businesses at the negative impact of the Indiana RFFA efforts and the negative national publicity which has caused companies and conventions to rethink operating or coming to Indianapolis and the backlash to Gov. Pence’s disastrous ABC interview, Mayor Ballard stood up, surrounded by representatives of various Indianapolis institutions and declared that “Discrimination is Wrong!”. Mayor Ballard said that the image and positive reputation Indianapolis has built as a welcoming community “should not be placed in jeopardy”.  Hear Mayor Ballard’s Forceful Words In Our NEW Player. Audio Begins After Brief Video Ad.