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Democratic Mayor candidate Joe Hogsett

 Joe Hogsett in Studio With Amos

A commitment to a “coordinated, comprehensive summers jobs program” for Indianapolis was made Wednesday by Indianapolis Mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett. At a press conference at King Park, Hogsett, who’s running for the Democratic nomination for mayor in the May 5th primary, made, as his first policy announcement of the campaign, that if elected he would “convene Indianapolis non-profit and corporate partners” to “launch a comprehensive Summer Youth Employment Initiative in 2016”.  Hogsett’s plan wouldn’t involve no additional cost to city/county taxpayers. Rather Hogsett’s plan would work with the private and non-profit sectors and coordinate existing summer jobs programs and add others.  Hogsett’s initial goal for the program would be 1,000 jobs, but in an exclusive interview on Afternoons with Amos, Hogsett said it would be more.

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In his announcement and the Afternoons with Amos interview, Hogsett cited the blueprint laid out in the Your Life Matters® Action Plan which specifically cited Indianapolis’ failure to have “a visible, coordinated effort to provide summer job opportunities for to young people”.  Hogsett cited examples of programs in Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Baltimore and New York that have shown that such coordinated, engaged summer jobs program for youth does cut the crime rates and grows the local economy.  Also in the Afternoons with Amos interview, Joe Hogsett not only talked more about his summer jobs plan, but commented on the status of the controversial Justice Center proposal. Hogsett amplified on his statement last week where he asked for a pause to re-look at the plan.  Hogsett also commented on charges by Marion County GOP Chairman Kyle Walker who alleged that Hogsett’s campaign had taken “illegal contributions”.  Hogsett maintained that was false and promised that his campaign, and if elected his Administration, would be “transparent and open”. Hear Joe Hogsett Talk About His Summer Youth Jobs Proposal and the Justice Center on Afternoons with Amos. Runs 11 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. Audio begins After Brief Video Ad.