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George Washington HS

IPS George Washington High School

Hayleigh Columbo

Chalkbeat Indiana’s Hayleigh Colombo

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, June 2, 2015.  (This Story Begins At 53:48 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) During the school year Afternoons with Amos has reported on the turmoil and violence at George Washington High School on the near westside of Indianapolis.  Fights, brawls, fear, a school seemingly out of control.  Teachers leaving, large numbers of substitutes were the norm.  Community leaders were outraged at what went on. But IPS officials including Supt. Dr. Lewis Ferebee didn’t have a sense of urgency about the school.  Now the education website Chalkbeat Indiana looked into the situation at George Washington and found a climate of fear so bad that a sharp decline occurred this year in Hispanic students at the school, located in a growing Hispanic neighborhood. Hayleigh Colombo, the Chalkbeat Indiana reporter who covered the situation appeared on Afternoons with Amos and talked about her story and her findings.  Including IPS officials nonchalant attitude towards the problem.  While students say it seems there’s no consistent set of rules and discipline at the school. Click the Link To Read The Chalkbeat Story.  CHALKBEAT INDIANA STORY ON VIOLENCE & MORE AT WASHINGTON HS

amos brown

City of Indianapolis Freedom Fleet Car

(This Story Starts At 38:58 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) In a stunning surprise Marion County Auditor Julie Voorhies revealed that some $293,000 had been paid to Vision Fleet, the vendor the City hired to purchase and manage the City’s fleet of Electric and Hybrid electric cars.  The problem is the money didn’t come from the general funds of the city or county.  The money came from the Marion County Stormwater Management District.  The use of dedicated dollars for a purpose they weren’t intended for could possibly be criminal. It certainly is against normal city/county financial controls.  Amos commented strongly on the story and listeners reacted sharply.

College Ave Library

College Avenue Library

(This Story Starts At 03:56 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) School’s nearly out. It’s Summer and you should make sure that your children and grandchildren still continue their learning.  The best way to do that is through reading.  That’s where the Summer Reading Program of the Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library comes in. Rhonda Oliver, Librarian at the Brightwood Branch and Gregory Hill, Librarian at the Decatur Branch appeared on Afternoons with Amos to talk about the Library’s Summer Reading Program which awards points to young people for the more books they read this summer.  The program also awards points to parents who read books to their children and grandchildren.  Click the Link To Learn More: INDY LIBRARY SUMMER READING PROGRAM    (This Story Begins At 24:23 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) Indy Media and Entertainment Legend Thomas Griffin is President of the Indianapolis Chapter of Indiana Black Expo.  The Indy Chapter is one of 12 in cities around the state that do a number of local activities. The Indy Chapter, for example, continues to sponsor the Black Expo Queens Pageant for young girls.  But on June 20th, the Indy Chapter of Black Expo’s sponsoring a Silver Soiree event to honor some of the folks who served a quarter century or more as Black Expo volunteers.  For more information about the event Click Here: INDIANAPOLIS CHAPTER OF BLACK EXPO WEBSITE  (This Story Starts At 16:36 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) And Afternoons with Amos has its share of phone calls from listeners that somethings make you want to cry, or get you angry, or put a smile on your face.  On the June 2nd show there was a call that dealt with a tenant/landlord problem.  But you HAVE TO HEAR the beginning of the call and the problem this tenant was having with her microwave. The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Tuesday, June 2nd Runs 99 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad