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Sunday Best Episode 5

This week on ‘Sunday Best,’ judges Donnie McClurkin, Kierra Sheard and Yolanda Adams  had to grade the team on their delivery of ‘Victory’. The show opened with Anthony Hamilton, Dwayne Woods and Dave Hollister praising God

Corinthian 15:57 : But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Victory means knowing for certain that Jesus has your back. The contestants had to deliver the message of knowing who led  their way and always had them. Christians have the victory when they are living for Christ and battling in a righteous way.

Clifton Ross III performed ‘War Cry‘ that has been performed in the past by Micah Stampley. In his practice run he had to figure out how to deliver the song as a Christian soldier.

Donnie McClurkin: You gave the right aggression and the right passion.Perfection!

Kierra Sheard: You gave us the business.

Yolanda Adams: I love when an artist takes you and gives you more


Brightnie Jones chose ‘It Ain’t Over’ by Maurette Brown Clark.

Donnie McClurkin: You guys are making it hard.

Kierra Sheard: I am fan of yours. I want you to stop holding back

Yolanda Adams: I am enjoying seeing you grow every week.


Terrill Hall chose  Tye Tribett’s ‘I Will Give You Glory’

Kierra Sheard: Amazing.

Yolanda Adams: You have shown us you can sing anything.

Donnie McClurkin: I don’t even know how to rate you or judge you.


Dathan Thigpen chose  ‘Let The Praise Begin’ by Fred Hammond.

Donnie McClurkin: You came out here ion fire. You made it work.

Kierra Sheard: You were amazing.

Yolanda Adams: I am overwhelmed.


Tiquila Wilson chose The Winans ‘Bring Back The Days Of Yay And Nay’

Donnie McClurkin: I finally got to hear the beauty of your voice.

Kierra Sheard: Don’t doubt yourself

Yolanda Adams: Singing is suppose to flow.


Zebulon Ellis chose the praise song ‘King Of Glory’ as his choice.

Donnie McClurkin: You did a wonderful job.

Kierra Sheard: A plus.

Yolanda Adams: I love when artists can ad-lib. You have your own testimony.


This week  Tiquila Wilson  was sent home. Did you agree?

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