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Like many of us, I’ve always been in awe of the Williams sisters. As we prepare to watch them tonight during the US open it reminds me of their past meetings on the court. It’s always intense.  I could see the determination and passion in both of their eyes. Venus and Serena  play as if failure wasn’t an option. That is kind of amazing when it is your sister on the other side of the net. Each wanted the golden ring by all means necessary.

So, in watching them I was inspired. Inspired to take their cue and live life as if failure isn’t an option. We are all destined for greatness. Success isn’t lurking behind the wall or waiting in a golden box. It is right in front of you ready to take action. If something is holding you back you have to take it on. Just like the William’s sisters, when something other than success comes your way take the tennis racket of your life and hit it back over the net. If it is fear holding you back hit it back over the net. If it is procrastination hit it back over the net. When worry taps you on the shoulder hit it back over the net. When the overcast of doubt comes your way hit it back over the net.

In this moment, it’s your serve…you have no obstacles; your passion and positive thoughts will set you on the right course. Find comfort in your family and positive driven sisterfriends (or brotherfriends). Take the tennis racket of your life and serve love, desire, faith and persistence. You have the power. Success is yours today. Let this be your mantra: Failure isn’t an option, Success is the only option.

As always,

There’s work to do…GET UP!




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