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Sec of Ed Arne Duncan In Indy

Sec’y of Education Arne Duncan In Front of Historic Mural At Attucks HS

Sec of Ed Arne Duncan In Indy

Students on Stage With Secy Duncan & Moderator Karega Rausch

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Wednesday, September 16, 2015.  (Interview with Education Secretary Arne Duncan Starts At 48:53 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the longest serving member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet including the state and Indianapolis in his 6th annual Back To School Bus Tour.

Sec of Ed Arne Duncan In Indy

Back To School Bus Tour Bus

After visiting Purdue University with a Town Hall with Purdue President Mitch Daniels, Secretary Duncan traveled down I-65 to Indianapolis historic Crispus Attucks High School for a Town Hall Meeting with students. In his Town Hall, Duncan met and took questions from sixteen high school students, half of whom were minorities, representing Attucks, township and charter high schools in the city/county. The student conversation with Secretary Duncan covered a wide range of topics and concerns.

Sec of Ed Arne Duncan In Indy

Demonstrator Trying To Ask Question At Back to School Event

Sec of Ed Arne Duncan In Indy

Demonstrator with IPS Officer

During the event, a local parent and education activist attempted to ask Secretary Duncan a question, but was approached by school and IPS security. She and another demonstrator were escorted out and the issue peacefully resolved. What should have been a public event was by invitation only through the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office.

Sec of Ed Arne Duncan In Indy

Poor Attendance At a Great Event With Students & Secy Duncan

But they could only manage to attract 165 people to attend the event in the Attucks Auditorium which seats over 700.  Before the start of the 5pm Back to School Event, Secretary Duncan in an extended Afternoons with Amos interview, talked about a number of education issues.  The Secretary talked about a Parents Guide the Federal Department of Education has developed with UNCF and other organizations. Duncan wants to encourage parents and grandparents to be more involved and engaged in their children’s education and school success.

arne duncan

Secy of Education Arne Duncan

Regarding parent and student rights, Duncan talked about the his department’s efforts to reduce racially disproportionate school discipline. On the subject of special education, Duncan encouraged parents and the community to bring information directly to the Office of Civil Rights in the Federal Department of Education regarding problems with schools and school districts not following the law on Special Education and student rights.  Duncan talked about the effort by President Obama and his administration to improve college and career readiness for students.  He also talked about the importance of quality preschool and pre-kindergarten education.

Jayne Ratcliffe & Supt Woodson

NCentral Senior Jayne Ratcliffe with Washington Twn Schools Supt Dr. Nikki Woodson / Washington Twn Schools Twitter

After the exclusive interview, Afternoons with Amos talked with one of the sixteen students who’d got to ask questions of Secretary Duncan. (Student Interview At 1:06:04 Mark On Media Player). Jayna Ratcliff is a Senior at North Central High School. She was excited and a bit anxious when she talked with Amos about meeting Duncan and being a part of a unique experience.

Aft w/Amos Sept 16

Mary Jones

Aft w/Amos Sept 16

Dean Johns

(Interview About Indy Energy Assistance Program Starts At 3:24 Mark On Media Player).  For the second winter season, United Way of Central Indiana will be operating the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) for Marion County.  EAP is the program that for persons earning less than 150% of poverty and who’re having trouble with their gas or electric bills, they could be eligible for assistance in paying those bills. Mary Jones and Dean Johns of United Way and Indy EAP appeared on Afternoons with Amos to explain this year’s EAP program and answer questions.  Registration for the program begins at 8am on Monday, October 19th. Click the Link for More Info:  MARION COUNTY ENERGY ASSISTANCE PGM WEBSITE (Interview Starts At 1:15:57 Mark On Media Player). The Tom Joyner Foundation and Allstate have partnered in a unique effort to help raise scholarship money or students attending Black colleges and universities. Florida A&M Alum and Allstate executive Cheryl Harris talked with Afternoons with Amos about the QFE or Quotes For Education program.  The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Wednesday, September 16, 2015 Runs 91 Minutes. ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.