Michael B Jordan

Source: Warner Bros / MGM

Sylvester Stallone may know a thing or two about taking a punch to get the shot to look just how the director wants it.  Well, that is exactly what Michael B. Jordan had to do while filming Creed.

The film’s director, Ryan Coogler said the shot they were filming just wasn’t looking right and he called Stallone over to take a look at it.  Coogler stated, “We were taking a look at a high speed shot we were doing, and it just didn’t look right.  I said, ‘Sly, could you check this out?’  He looks at it, we play it back, and he says, ‘Play it again.’  We played it back, play again, play it back.  He turns and looks at me and smiles and says, ‘Mike’s got to take the punch.’  I’m like, ‘I can’t tell him that.’  He says, ‘No problem.’  He goes into the ring and tells Mike, ‘Hey man, you can’t be the punk who made a Rocky movie and didn’t get hit in the face.’  He could say that to Mike because he’s an actor.”

Stallone captured cell phone video of the actual punch happening, and posted the video to Twitter.  The caption stated, “Michael B. Jordon, ‘young creed’ and getting KO’d for real! But he got up and did it again! That’s called guts!!”

So in case you were wondering if he actually did take a punch in the movie, there is your proof that he did.  You can watch the video below, and read more about the filming of the movie here.

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