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NeNe Leakes

Source: Grant Lamos IV / Getty

From Raven Symone’s various comments, to Whoopi’s recent breastfeeding comments, ABC’s The View seems to always be upsetting someone.  Last month, NeNe Leakes went on the talk show to discuss her upcoming role in Chicago on Broadway.  Leakes left The View feeling uneasy after her interview, probably due to Joy Behar’s comments on Leakes deciding to re-marry her ex-husband.

Leakes took to Twitter after the interview to speak of her feelings where she stated, “Just sat down with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up and down as if u don’t belong.”

When Leakes visited Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live earlier this month, she commented about her experience on The View.  “It was more than Joy. Joy definitely was throwing a lot of shade, but there was someone else on the panel that threw a lot of shade as well, as far as looking at me up and down.”  (We all know Leakes is speaking about Raven Symone, since Leakes uploaded a photo to Instagram with the cast, but made sure to crop out Symone.)

Whoopi very recently also appeared on Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, and she was asked if she was aware of Leakes’ hard feelings.  Whoopi claims she had no idea of the hard feelings but said, “Come on, really NeNe?”  Whoopi also invited Leakes to come back to The View saying, “Then come back another day and try again.”

Maybe if Leakes did go on the show again they could all work out their issues with each other and move on.  Leakes has not responded back to Whoopi’s invitation yet, but chances are probably slim to none at this point.  You can read more on this story here.