Tennis star Serena Williams has been eliminated from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Comedian and star of the new Ghostbusters Leslie Jones was recently on The View, and spoke about how Whoopi Goldberg has impacted her career. Jones got a bit emotional when asked about Whoopi.  Jones explained that when she was a little girl, her father would let her listen to comedy albums.  She then recalls the first time she ever […]

A few weeks ago, there were whispers of Whoopi Goldberg possibly leaving ABC’s The View.  It is now being reported by the Daily Mail that She has signed a one year contract of $2.5 million to stay on the daytime talk show. Goldberg’s contract will remain four days a week, Monday through Thursday.  Her previous […]

Is Whoopi Goldberg ready to bail on ABC’s The View?  Goldberg has been a co-host of ABC’s popular talk show since 2007, but rumors are swirling that Goldberg is planning to exit. Sources say Goldberg’s contract is up after this season, and ABC is currently in talks to have her resign.  Many wonder if Goldberg’s rumors […]

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg is looking to switch up the narrative and respectability politics surrounding the marijuana business with a line of products geared towards those who suffer from menstrual cramps.


Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill on Thursday that placed more restrictions on abortion. Under the new regulations, women will not be able to undergo the procedure if they discover that their child will be born with an abnormality.

Former Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson visited The View earlier this week.  It wasn’t long into the interview until Whoopi Goldberg asked Carson why he was backing Donald Trump. As Carson tried to defend his decision to back Trump, the ladies continued to fire questions his way about Trump’s comments on race and women.  Carson explained that he […]

Total Beauty, a beauty magazine, made a HUGE mistake when they were live tweeting red carpet coverage of Sunday’s Oscars.  They tweeted out a picture of Whoopi Goldberg, and thought it was Oprah. The tweet said, “We had no idea @Oprah was #tatted, and we love it. #Oscars.”  Within minutes, the hashtag #ThatsNotOprah was trending. […]

Oprah Winfrey was just as disappointed as everyone else who noticed she was mistaken for Whoopi Goldberg at the 88th Academy Awards. Blog Total Beauty made the cringe-worthy flub during red carpet arrivals Sunday evening. The site, which rarely focuses on products for people of color, posted a photo of Goldberg to their Twitter account with […]

  Whoopi Goldberg got a little frustrated on The View yesterday when guest host Sara Haines posed a question about race, while discussing diversity in Hollywood. Haines said, “I’ve heard that you don’t say the term ‘African-American,’ you just call people ‘black’ now.”  Haines continued, “So I should just call you black?”  Goldberg responded, “You […]

After a few jokes about leaving the country, realizing the reality of Donald Trump's presidential bid, the Whoopi Goldberg took things to the next level by removing hyphens from her ethnic identity, implying that her family is rooted in America, not anywhere else.

On Monday’s episode of The View on ABC, the ladies did not hold back while talking about Bill Cosby.  Cosby was, of course, a “hot topic” of discussion after he was charged with felony sexual assault on December 30th.  Goldberg, who once defended Cosby, had a lot to say on the matter. Goldberg stated, “Look, I’m […]