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A California woman reportedly confessed to killing her ex-boyfriend in a Facebook post in what she says was an act of self-defense, ABC 7 reports.

Police are on the hunt for 18-year-old Nakasia James in connection with the death of Dorian Powell, 21. On Monday, Powell was found dead with a stab wound to the chest around 2:30 a.m. in an apartment the couple shared in San Bernardino, notes the report. Eileen Hards of the San Bernardino Police Department told reporters James became a person of interest after she posted about her deceased boyfriend on Facebook.

ABC 7 reports:

The now deleted message to family and friends laid out James’ version of what may have happened.

The 18-year-old wrote in part: “Last night, my ex was drunk … was fighting me… hit me in the face… and I get the knife and stabbed him. Didn’t think I would hurt him. Sorry, lord, hopefully, you forgive me, and sorry, Dorian Powell. RIP.”

In a second post, James said she didn’t mean to hurt Powell and mentioned, “I’m on the run pigs lookin for me.”

The two began dating roughly nine months ago, according to her now deactivated Facebook page.

However, friends and family members have lashed out at James on the social site, denying Powell was abusive.

Apartment manager Melissa De Los Santos spoke to reporters about what she heard from the couple’s place during the incident. De Los Santos claims she heard five gunshots, but wasn’t sure who fired them.

Via ABC 7:

“I’m sure it was in retaliation for the victim,” she said. “Five gunshots, the hole were, like, this big in the window.”

According to De Los Santos, it was James’ brother who witnessed the stabbing.

“He goes, ‘all she did was stab him one time in the chest, and he was gone,’,” she said. “Just like that, he was gone.”

De Los Santos was then told by James’ mother and brother that she was in hiding after they stopped by the apartment to grab Nakasia’s belongings. They also claimed to have possession of photos that could prove Powell was abusive.

Powell’s death has been ruled a homicide.



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