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Luther Barnes

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There’s lots to admire and appreciate about the mild-mannered and likeable Luther Barnes. His fluid vocals and signature sound has stood the test of time, with a rich catalog of music that’s resonated with a multitude of believers. Barnes is also a humble, devoted, second-generation pastor and the founder of The Restoration Worship Center in Eure, North Carolina.

Add to that list of laudable attributes is his current, critically acclaimed album, Favor Of God, and the hit single, God’s Grace, that’s reviving his coveted career as a crooner for Christ. had an interesting conversation with Luther Barnes about his unique journey for Jesus.

Christopher Heron: When you think of Gospel music along the Bible belt, you have to mention The Barnes Family. Tell me a little about the influence of your father, the Late FC Barnes and his legacy.
Luther Barnes: I owe him so much just for the opportunity to venture out with my music and to experiment with the Red Budd Church Choir right out of college.  I’m sure at times he didn’t know what I was doing. Some songs didn’t deserve to be in the morning service but he allowed me to do so. I just felt I had something to offer. I didn’t have any money, I didn’t have any experience at all, I didn’t know anything about publishing. I’m kind of understanding it now. I can hear a good song now, songs that brought me this far. I just thank God for that opportunity and I thank God for my father that allowed me to do what I did at that time in my life.

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source: Christopher Heron

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