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Sue Spicer for Congress

Join us live on Community Connection as we speak to Sue Spicer, who is running for Congress

Check the website below for info on all the issues Sue Spicer has opinions on:

Sue on Getting Money out of Politics

Sue on Food Security in Indianapolis

Sue on Decriminalizing Cannabis

Sue’s Message to Independent Voters

Enact Single-Payer Healthcare

Net Neutrality


Decriminalize Marijuana

Term Limits

Access to Representatives

End Unfair Pay

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Curtis Godfrey for Congress

“Curtis Godfrey is a 2018 Democratic candidate seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 7th Congressional District of Indiana.

Learn more about Curtis Godfrey for Congress with the link below.


Denise Paul Hatch running for Constable 2018.

Join us as we speak to Denise Paul Hatch running for Constable 2018. She plans to be the first ever Female Center Township Constable.

Her platform

Housing Evictions

An important part of the Center Township Constable’s duties are to follow and enforce court orders from a judge on evicting tenants from residential or commercial rental properties.

The Law

It is the responsibility of the Constable of Center Township to uphold, respect, and enforce the law.


Denise will be the first ever female Center Township Constable, and quite possibly, the first every female Constable not only in Indianapolis, but in the entire state of Indiana.


No scandals. No corruption. Honest and open.


A “sunshine” policy of openness.

Learn More below

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