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Here is an article from the Indianapolis Recorder about Bishop J. Laverne Tyson:

What a difference a dream makes.

How different would the world be if Bill Gates gave up on his dream to create computer software, or if Phil Knight abandoned his dream of creating the premier athletic shoe? What if Madame C.J. Walker decided to let go of her dream to manufacture cosmetics?

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Of course the world would not have Microsoft or Nike, and it would have probably taken longer for African-American women to become millionaire entrepreneurs without the trail blazed by Walker.

Bishop J. Laverne Tyson is encouraging everyone to think about the impact of their own dreams in the new book Whatever Happened to Your Dream.


Tyson reminds readers that every great thing began as someone’s dream project. The “next” great thing, he believes, could come from your dream if you trust God and refuse to give up when times get tough.

“All of us are dreamers,” said Tyson. “I’m hoping that everybody who has ever had a dream and let it die will resurrect it again. Dreams are God’s way of giving us direction in our lives. Every object, tangible or intangible, begins as a thought, vision or dream.”

Throughout the book Tyson challenges readers to ask themselves why they have abandoned their dream and settled for a life of mediocrity. With the engaging skill of a great storyteller, he uses interesting facts and down-home humor to share biblically based solutions that can help readers regain their focus and momentum.

Tyson is currently pastor of New Beginning Ministries, a growing congregation in Indianapolis. He has preached and taught in many countries across the world and is the author of several reference books, including The Early Pentecostal Revival.

Tyson noted that he himself has always been a “dreamer” from the time he grew up as one of five children of a popular preacher and excelled as a high school debate champion, to finding the real love of his life (wife Linda) and enduring the tough learning process that all pastors must undergo upon accepting their call to ministry.

“My wife said the Lord impressed upon her that I needed to write a book,” said Tyson. “I didn’t think I had the time or that people would be interested. But a year later the Lord spoke to me and said that people will be blessed.”

In different parts of the book Tyson shares how he overcame various challenges that seemed to defer his dreams. He had, for example, a lifelong dream of flying and almost accepted a nomination to West Point military academy to learn how to fly planes. Tyson, however, opted to go into ministry full time and chose to delay his dream.

Years later Tyson entered a private flight school, but still faced challenges learning how to navigate planes, which prompted even his instructors to urge him to give up. After months of persistence Tyson finally conquered the details of flying and earned his pilot’s license. Today, he enjoys a therapeutic flight whenever his busy schedule allows, earning him the nickname “The Flying Preacher.”

For Tyson, the experience was just one example of how people, in order to be successful, have to first come to a place where they believe that dream will actually happen.

“It really comes down to trusting in God,” he stated. “Sometimes all you can do is just put one foot in front of the other. But if you can just stay on the other side of quitting you’ll be OK.”

In addition to his own experiences Tyson offers brief summaries of famous individuals who overcome tremendous odds to make their dreams come true, from South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela and groundbreaking neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson, to McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc and Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to become an astronaut.

Finally, from a biblical perspective, Tyson uses Joseph as an inspiration to readers.

In the book of Genesis Joseph was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and placed into prison following a misunderstanding. He was released after he correctly interpreted a dream by the pharaoh of Egypt, and saved the country from famine. Joseph became a successful prime minister and later reunited with his brothers.

“He went through all those phases that all of us go through as human beings,” said Tyson.

Tyson’s book went on sale last week, but copies of it have already been ordered for students at Indianapolis Metropolitan Charter School, and praises have already poured in.

Congressman Andre Carson has called Whatever Happened to Your Dream a “powerful” set of solutions.

“We who dream — or even want to dream — can all use help to better focus our thoughts and our hopes, and turn them toward the tangible,” said Carson. “His book offers much to aid in this process.”

Bishop Leonard Scott, co-founder of Tyscot Records, said Tyson’s book will “motivate the reader to discover, to be, and to do all that God has created and ordained.”

Although appreciative of the praise, Tyson noted that the purpose of the book is simple.

“All of us have been called to do something great,” he said. “I hope this project is a blessing and that people are encouraged.”

Whatever Happened to Your Dream will soon be available in Christian bookstores as well as Borders and Barnes and Noble bookstores. It may also be purchased by visiting