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2 Sam 6:16 – And as the ark of the Lord came into the city of David, Michal, Saul’s daughter looked through window, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the Lord; and she despised him in her heart.

Words for the Day: Keep Leaping, Keep Dancing

If you are losing weight, looking good, doing well and receiving blessing from God, some folks can’t handle it. You are walking around with Joy and happy, but like Michal, some folks despise you, they hate on you.

We call these folks haters.

But you should always let your haters be your motivators. I like what David told Michal, he said, “I was dancing before the Lord, who chose me above your father and his family! He appointed me as the leader of Israel, the people of the Lord. So I am willing to act like a fool in order to show my joy in the Lord. Yes, I am willing to look even more foolish than this!”

You have to be the same way, keep leaping and dancing a praising God! Let you haters be your motivators!

Take that and run with it!

(written by Donna Schiele)