@kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com News — Former President Bill Clinton, and now campaigner-in-chief for his wife who’s currently running for the highest office in the land, made scathing remarks on the campaign trail Monday about the national health plan she publicly supports. One that’s known by current President Barack Obama’s name. Click the media player below to hear […]

@kwellscomm  PraiseIndy.com News WISH-TV 8’s political guru, Jim Shella is retiring from the station after a 34-year television career there covering Indiana politics, according to an announcement by the station. “I arrived at WISH-TV looking for a job and found a career,” said Shella. “I have been given the privilege to cover Indiana politics with […]

@kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com Political News In a bombshell, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange implies that a Democratic National Committee staffer, who was murdered last month, was the source of leaked DNC emails. In an interview on Dutch TV Tuesday, Assange told the interviewer that whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. […]

Source: John Gregg campaign @kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com News & Sports Republican headlines don’t dominate the race for Indiana Governor. No, they don’t. Democrat John Gregg said he received a $500,000 donation from the Democratic Governors’ Association. He revealed the half-million dollar contribution to members of the press Tuesday. Gregg is still waiting to see who his opponent […]

@kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com News  It’s Official…  Indiana Governor Mike Pence is joining the Donald Trump ticket. Trump tweeted out the announcement Friday morning. CNN earlier reported that Pence had accepted the offer. Pence is in the New York City area for an official announcement that was supposed to happen at 11 a.m. this morning, but Trump […]

@kwellscomm on Politics for PraiseIndy.com When Religion Meets Politics:  Donald Trump has overwhelming support from white evangelical voters. A new Pew Research Center poll is out and it shows that nearly 80 percent say they’d vote for the likely GOP presidential nominee if the election was held today. Pew researchers say it doesn’t seem to matter what Trump’s faith is […]

@kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com Indy & National Newscasts A county prosecutor says prosecuting an Indy mom whose child shot and killed himself will be tough; an IMPD officer is being reprimanded over his ethics, but boss wants to take it further; sexual assault reports are up at Indiana University; an Indiana man is in hot water over […]

@kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com Wednesday News The trial for a former IPS counselor accused of having sex with students is being delayed. Shana Taylor was charged in February with child seduction. Taylor’s trial was supposed to start today, but it was moved to July 5 after her attorney asked for a new date, citing outstanding evidence. Former Park Tudor […]

Six former contestants of “The Apprentice”, including the show’s Season 4 winner Randal Pinkett, are planning to hold a news conference this morning in New York to denounce the Republican front-runner and their former boss on the show Donald Trump. Their denouncement comes ahead of Tuesday’s April 19th primary in the state.  After hearing about the plan, […]

Teenagers or families looking for a summer opportunity for the young person in their lives, Indiana’s Seventh District Congressman, Andre’ Carson is hosting his Third Annual Youth Opportunities Fair tonight, Wednesday, April 6. This event is designed to connect teens (and younger children) with jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and more, so that young people stay busy […]

Kim’s PraiseIndy.com Local and National News & Sports Headlines Today is a day of action on two fronts…Happy Monday to you! First, in local headlines, today is the deadline day for voter’s registration if you plan to vote in Indiana’s May Primary—one where this state is important to the outcome of the delegate races for the U.S. presidency for both […]

Despite constantly running his mouth and making a number of controversial, divisive and some say downright bigoted comments during his campaign for the U.S. presidency, Republican Donald Trump is now in the running for a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.  (Close your mouth.) Word comes from multiple outlets that a mystery person nominated the New York businessman for the esteemed honor.  Yes, […]