Amos with Columbus (Ohio) Mayor Michael Coleman Amos with Nashville (Tennessee) Mayor Karl Dean
Amos with the Legendary Mayor Bill Hudnut

In an Exclusive Radio Interview, Afternoons with Amos talked with three groundbreaking American big city Mayors. Michael Coleman is Mayor of Columbus, Ohio; the country’s 15th largest city.  Mayor Coleman is in his fourth term and he’s African-American. Mayor Coleman has the second longest tenure of any Black Mayor of a majority-white city in history.  Karl Dean is Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee. Fifty years ago, the city government of Nashville merged with the county government of Davidson to create the country’s first unified city/county government.  Bill Hudnut is a living Indianapolis legend. The four term Mayor helped move the city from India-No-Place to one of the strong, then innovative cities in the country.  In an exclusive interview I talked with these three great, pioneering and innovative Mayors about their cities and the challenges and opportunities their cities and cities in general face.  In just 20 years, Columbus has become the largest city in Ohio.  Columbus is growing in jobs and diversity.  Cited many many national publications and surveys as one of the country’s top cities. But despite being the home of Ohio State University and several other institutions of higher education, Mayor Michael Coleman is concerned about the quality of K-12 education in his city.  In our interview we talked about the importance Mayors place on education in their cities.  With Nashville’s Mayor Karl Dean I talked with him about his city being the first “unigov” city in the country.  Nashville is another growing mid-level American city, with a low tax rate and vibrant economy.  Nashville has a regional mass transit authority and the city is looking at expanding its bus routes and creating a bus rapid transit system like Indy’s currently debating.  With both Mayors Coleman and Dean, I asked them how important is it that Mayors today have open dialog with their minority communities; something that’s absent today in Indianapolis where the current Mayor is reluctant to talk with people who oppose his policies.  Finally, I spoke with the beloved and well remembered Mayor Bill Hudnut. People in still have fond memories of him and I asked the questions most want to know about him like “How is he? How are you doing?” Click The Link Below To Hear Our Interview with Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and the Legendary Mayor Bill Hudnut.  Runs 14 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One. AWA MAYORS COLEMAN-DEAN-HUDNUT 040313

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