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CLOSE is reporting that Precious the movie is turning into the little indie that could — rake in a big, record-breaking $100k per location average from 18 locations, that is.

Quite the feat for the much-buzzed-about-and-needed-to-have-a-wide-release-opening type of film that folks like Oprah and Tyler Perry helped create a fervor among folks wanting to see the film.

Mo’Nique gives an Oscar-worthy performance, we hear — those of us not living in the Chicago-New York-LA-Atlanta cities that actually showed the movie first — playing a “monster” who lives in a darkened home, rarely bathes and abuses her daughter.

I’ve heard first-hand the drama folks in Chicago had to go through to see the Precious movie, including an unfortunate power-outage at the Chatham 14 on 87th and the Dan Ryan that sent at least one woman scrambling downtown to catch the midnight showing.

Previously, I wrote about my frustration at not being able to see the movie Precious based on the novel, Push, on Friday, Nov. 6, 2009 — when the movie opened in some theaters:

With all this pre-hype, hopefully the emotionally-charged movie will continue to engage audiences and serve as a thought-provoking catalyst for all of us to “consider our ways.”