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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Dr. David Hampton, Senior Pastor-elect of Light of the World talked live to Afternoons with Amos about the reasons for Sunday’s protest and arrests outside his church. It was the biggest display of civil disobedience by an Indianapolis church in many years as thirteen Light of the World members were arrested during a protest Sunday morning. Senior Pastor-elect Dr. David Hampton and twelve of his members were arrested for blocking traffic in busy Michigan Road which adjoins the northwest side church.

Click the arrow below left to hear Dr. Hampton explain the reasons and rationale for the protest and where it goes from here. Runs 15 Minutes ©2012 WTLC/Radio One.

Some 200 church members had marched from the church to busy Michigan Road. Some 75 then blocked traffic. IMPD officers then asked the demonstrators to stand aside. All but Pastor Hampton and 12 others refused to heed the police command and were arrested. Those arrested ranged in age from 21 to 70.

Pastor Hampton had called his church and members to action to protect not just the Trayvon Martin tragedy, but two injustices in Indiana.  The fact that Indiana’s self-defense law mirrors the outrageous “stand your ground” provisions Florida which led to the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  The protest also focused on continuing Black-on-Black crime in Indianapolis which impacts every neighborhood.