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Actress and Award-winning songstress Tamela Mann is back with a brand new LP, “Best Days.” Indeed, the follow-up to her 2009 LP “The Master Plan.” The LP, which is preceded by the project’s lead single “Take Me To The King,” penned and produced by Kirk Franklin currently holds the no. 2 postion at Gospel radio.

Best Days” primarily produced by Myron Butler showcases Mann’s powerful vocals that we love so much and new meaningful lyrics. The Gospel Guru caught up with Ms. Mann to discuss collaborating with Kirk Franklin, Tyler Perry, and much more. Get into the interview below…

TGG: Describe Tamela Mann in three words.

Tamela: Describe myself in three words…I’m loving, a hard worker, and dedicated.

TGG: What was the inspiration for your new album “Best Days”?

Tamela: The inspiration for the title was the lyrics of the song…”my words days are behind me and my best days are ahead of me” and to me it’s so encouraging. I’m just believing and looking for greater and better…even going through different circumstances I just have hope and faith that things are gonna work out for me and be better.

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TGG: I know you teamed up with Kirk Franklin and Myron Butler for this project, how did those collaborations come about?

Tamela: Ahhh…well Myron has been with me since I started producing all of the projects. Kirk just produced “Take Me To the King,” Myron produced the whole project. But he did do some things on “Take Me To The King” with Kirk. It was like a reunion… we all grew up in the same area in Dallas-Fort Worth and we’ve been together for over 20 years. It was a great reunion. The background singers came in and Kirk had me come in at a different time, we were doing shifts. It was wonderful being with Kirk, he kinda did it where it was just me and him in the studio…he even put David (my husband) out. He was like I want her to myself…lol. We had fun and we had our serious moments..he told me “Tam I didn’t realize how much I missed your voice” and it was the same thing with him working with me I was like I missed it because I would trip out how Kirk with snip a song and put two vocalists on the same and make it so smooth…the transition was so smooth. It was a joy.

TGG: What is your most memorable experience during the making of “Best Days”?

Tamela: Uh. When Kirk was singing back to me…lol. I just kinda held my head down and he was like “yea I see you in there laughing” but it was so funny..hahaha. But that was the most memorable part for me.

TGG: What is a standout or favorite track on the new album for you?

Tamela: A standout for me is a song called “All to Thee” and it says “take all the glory all the praise all the honor it belongs to only thee, Take none from me but all to thee.” I’ve got a couple but it’s more like in the worship vein. Another that is my favorite is “Lord We’re Waiting”… lord we’re waiting, we’re anticipating, we’re waiting on your glory and your presence. That’s kinda where the Lord has me right now. Yes I did some whaling, but those are my core ones for me. And of course “Take Me To The King.”

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