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A shocking report just released showed racial discrimination in renting of apartments in Indianapolis is greater than many thought in the 21st Century. A report by the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana found that 82% of qualified African-Americans encountered illegal racial discrimination when trying to rent apartments in predominantly white neighborhoods in Indianapolis/Marion County.  Appearing on Afternoons with Amos Fair Housing Center Executive Director Amy Nelson revealed some of the shocking statistics.  The organization sent Black, white and Hispanic “testers” out to to conduct some fifty-two fair housing tests in the Indianapolis area at major apartment complexes.  The tests were to document discrimination and violations of the Fair Housing Act in discrimination by race, against families with children and the those with handicaps.  The student reported that families with children experienced discrimination 20% of the time.  For those with disabilities, the testing found barriers to accessibility 73% of the time.  And in racial discrimination, the testers found that Hispanics encountered discrimination 70% of the time while Blacks experienced discrimination 80% of the time.  The goal of the tests, according to Nelson “is to to start educating the community on Fair Housing Laws, what discrimination is and educate people to recognize housing discrimination and take action.  Asked by Amos what would be the rest of these tests, Nelson said that her organization is examining the results of the tests a to decide their next steps.  Those steps could include filing complaints with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, or with the Justice Department or the United States Attorney or private lawsuits.  Click the Links Below to Hear the Full Interview on the extent of racial and other discrimination in housing in Indy.  Interview Runs 27 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.  AWA BIAS IN RENTING IN INDY 041013  Also click THIS Link to download the full report. FAIR HOUSING RENTAL TESTING REPORT – INDY METRO – APR 2013