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4. Beauty on a budget & great thrifty gift ideas

Staying beautiful could require a substantial financial investment… unless you are a Pinterest user! How about learning to use natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, cornstarch or coconut oil to not only cut costs on store bought beauty treatments, but also to get much better, natural skin care? Pinterest has hundreds of natural and very low cost tips on anything ranging from whitening your teeth to creating your own skin toners, lotions or even eye shadow. Once you try one of those natural beauty treatments and find they work well, you could create great inexpensive gifts for your friends and family!

5. Save on doctor visits

Pinterest is a great place to find natural remedies for many common ailments. You can browse though hundreds of posts that offer home remedies on anything from the common cold, hives, cold sores, dry skin or even simply boosting your immune system…you name it! Instead of rushing to your local pharmacy for every ache and pain, how about checking out Pinterest first? You may find that your cabinets or herb sections of your local grocery store have a natural remedy for whatever ails you. In no way are we suggesting that Pinterest should take the place of a physician, but for common, mild symptoms, there are often effective at home treatments that are also wallet-friendly!

6. Pinterest – your new personal fitness trainer!

Would you like to get in shape but the cost of a gym membership or hiring a personal trainer is not in your budget? No problem! Pinterest is a great place to go to for fitness tips and plans for losing weight, toning, etc. The Health and Fitness section of Pinterest will help you save hundreds of dollars on gym or even fitness equipment while offering you a plethora of ideas on how to do quick workouts at home or even in your office! Combine that with great healthy recipes you’ll find in that section of Pinterest and you are on the way to better YOU at a minimal cost!

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