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Reports on various sites are stating that  Ray J has been so divinely  inspired that he may become a preacher.

Could Ray J be contemplating a career shift that leads to the pulpit?

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In the weeks following Whitney Houston’s  sudden, tragic passing, sources close to Ray J told that he’s given his life to God more completely.

But that’s not all! There are whispers that his  new redemption has also triggered a desire to preach. While Ray has not spoken on the rumors just yet, he did hint that Whitney’s passing has had a profound affect on his soul.

Anything is possible right? He wouldn’t be the first to find God and want to serve. MTV is reporting that his sister Brandy  has suggested that he start  counseling, so that he may begin dealing with his grief over the loss of Whitney Houston. Grief moves people in different ways. Often grief allows people to open themselves to things that they never thought of.  Sometimes things spiral out of control. Sometimes they may decide that the life they were leading no longer has meaning. They set the course right.

It definitely is something that happens to people when they have have a great loss. The voice of God becomes clearer and redirection of energy happens.


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