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Kevin Durant, the 24-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder forward, recently shared his love for Jesus Christ and baptism story at Hillsong Church in New York City.

Durant may play basketball in Oklahoma City, but the basketball star revealed why he wanted Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz to guide him spiritually. Durant admitted that he was drawn to Lentz because of the way he treated people and liked the fact that the pastor was unfazed by his celebrity.

“I thought you were weird first of all,” Durant said while visiting Hillsong and speaking at the service last Sunday. “Where I come from pastors are always in nice suits but you just dress like me. I really appreciate it…”

The basketball player also had Lentz by his side when signing a sports management deal with rapper Jay-Z. While speaking at Hillsong Church, Durant also spoke about his baptism experience where Lentz, his grandmother and mother were present.

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