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EXCLUSIVE: On the day that the public learned the results of the troubled 2013 ISTEP Test, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz appeared on Afternoons with Amos and discussed a wide range of educational issues. Supt. Ritz talked about the overall results of the ISTEP tests and said that despite problems, Hoosier students made good progress on the test.  On the issue of revising the A-F Accountability system, Supt. Ritz said she’s was ready to chair the first meeting of a committee of educators and experts that will develop revisions, mandated by state law, to the state’s accountability system.  Ritz stressed that the new system would incorporate how students grew in their respective schools, not based on growth models throughout the state.  The Superintendent told Amos that it would be important to “beta test” how the new system would work before final implementation.  Amos asked Supt. Ritz about Common Core and also asked her about recent concern that the State Board of Education was trying to supplant her. The state schools chief talked about her Outreach Coordinators and her Department’s efforts to work with local schools to improve educational quality and make sure schools were doing what they were supposed to do to improve the education of their students. In response to complaints from some about e-mails from her predecessor released to the media, Superintendent Ritz, in response to a question from Amos reiterated that her office followed Indiana’s Public Records law which requires the public release of “records” maintained by state and local government agencies in Indiana.  Supt. Ritz also stressed that she and her staff keep government related materials on the state’s the Department of Education’s servers and e-mail system.  Supt Ritz addressed concerns about a lack of racial diversity in her top staff members. Supt. Ritz also greeted former IPS Supt. Dr. Eugene White, the just named Interim President of Martin University who was waiting to be interviewed after her. Click the Arrow to Hear Superintendent Glenda Ritz’s interview with Amos and response to listener questions. Runs 34 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.