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I have to say that it is with mixed reviews that I watch the Oxygen reality TV show “Preachers of L.A.” I love the men of God and what they are doing in their churches, communities, and families; however, I do wish that some of the lavish spending would not have to be exploited on the show.

I am not one of those people that feel the men and women of God can not have nice things; I do feel that with so many people hurting and struggling to pay their light bills, that it is not wisdom or necessary to showcase super spending with tithes and offerings.

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Charisma shares 7 of the negative stereotypes that the show is causing to come on the body of Christ:

1. They live a lavish lifestyle.

2. They exaggerate their humanity at the expense of the glory of God.

3. Some seem emotionally detached and unable to relate to others authentically.

4. Some leaders have violated serious biblical ethics in marriage and family.

5. Their ministries are depicted as being more hype then substance.

6. They showcase leaders with emotional immaturity.

7. The show reinforces a distorted view of the whole church.

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