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“There is a security with corporate America that is very comfortable,” Dre Brown–the Founder and CEO of belleIEVE Beauty reminisced about when she decided to leave her corporate job as the Director of Partnerships & Public Affairs at WEtv and pursue her dream of making women beautiful from the inside, out. “I’m making money for this company and myself, but what if I put this much effort into something that was uniquely mine and had my passion connected to it?”

There’s very few people in the world who take that grand leap of faith and leave a secure job with an amazing title and hefty paycheck to follow their dreams. Despite how corny that simple phrase gets, there’s something so rewarding about throwing all caution to the wind and navigating your career with passion.

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That’s exactly what Dre did when founded belleIEVE Beauty. She wanted to spread her love of beauty exploration and its power to transform women inside and out. Through her efforts, Dre hopes to encourage women in her community and beyond to “belleIEVE” in themselves, their power and their potential to change the world.

All of this sounds great, but there’s levels to this. You can’t just leave your job and say, “I’m following my dream!” You have to have a plan. What was Dre’s plan? She followed six simple steps to leave the comforts of corporate to explore her passion’s work:

1. Getting out of your head.

2. Trust yourself.

3. Create something that doesn’t feel like work, something that if you were not to be paid, you’d gladly do it.

4. Stay connected to the people who are in the world where you want to be and be passionate about having authentic relationships with them.

5. Put some money aside. A few hundred dollars a month can turn into a nest egg that will give you what you need to get started.

6. Be rigorous even when it’s not fun.

Check out Dre’s incredible journey in the video!

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