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These days, you see 47-year-old Michigan-based pastor and award-winning gospel recording artist Marvin

Sapp smiling and joyful. But getting to a place of wholeness after losing his wife MaLinda Sapp on September 9,

2010 from colon cancer complications, was a process.

Recently, the singer of the record-breaking hit “Never Would Have Made It” revealed, “My children and I went

into grief counseling with a professional.”

In video commentary recorded in support of the new film Heaven Is For Real, in theaters Wednesday, April 16,

Sapp said, “There are some things that we need to pray through, but then there are some things that we need

to talk through.”

In his case, being able to confide in a person who specialized in helping others work through loss, was a God-

sent privilege.

According to psychologists, it takes anywhere from five to eight years of subsequent recovery following the

death of a spouse, although this can vary depending on the person.

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