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460505773DEVELOPING STORY. REACTIONS TO RULING AND COPY OF COURT MARRIAGE ORDER ATTACHED! In a ruling many were expected, but will be surprising to many others, Federal Judge Richard Young ruled today that Indiana’s ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional.  The Judge ruled that Indiana law prohibiting same sex marriages in the state and not recognizing same sex marriages which are legal in other states violates the Constitutional provision of equal protection under the law in the 14th Amendment.  Judge Young’s ruling didn’t issue a stay or postponement of the order; meaning that Indiana County Clerk’s could begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples immediately.  Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller immediately said he would appear Judge Young’s order and ask for a stay from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.  Marion County Clerk Beth White says she’s ready to issue marriage licenses for same sex couples immediately. In a statement Clerk White said, “Chief Judge Richard Young’s decision on marriage equality sets forth a clear course of action for this office to follow regarding same-sex marriage licenses. It is my responsibility to uphold court rulings that impact this office and that is what I will do.” In addition to Marion County, a number of other Indiana counties are issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. They include Allen, St. Joseph, Monroe, Brown, Vanderburgh and Hamilton.  Tippecanoe County, on the other hand, said they would not unless “ordered to” by the Attorney General.In a statement Kara Brooks, Gov. Mike Pence’s Press Secretary said of the ruling, “Governor Pence supports the Attorney General’s efforts to appeal the federal court’s ruling and defend Indiana’s right to define the institution of marriage for the residents of our state. Because the Governor believes in the rule of law, the State of Indiana will comply with the federal court’s order as this case moves through the appeals process.” State Rep. Scott Pelath, House Democratic leader said, “For years now, the people of this state have been dragged through what is turning out to be a completely unnecessary debate on matters that should be left to personal choice. In Indiana, we need to take heed of this change. We need to stop this debate now. It is pointless to continue.” In the only statement on the ruling from any Indiana religious denomoination, Indiana’s Catholic Bishops, including Archbishop James Tobin, said in a statement, “The dignity of the human person, rooted in his or her creation in the image and likeness of God, is a fundamental principle of Catholic social teaching. The Church upholds the dignity of every human person, including persons with same-sex attraction, whom we accept and love as our brothers and sisters. At the same time, the Church upholds the dignity and sanctity of marriage as a natural union established by God between one man and one woman, intended towards the establishment of a family in which children are born, raised, and nurtured. This is not simply a matter of belief. It is at the very heart of the nature of marriage. Thus, it is not within the power of any institution, religious or secular, to redefine marriage since it is God who is its author.” READ JUDGE YOUNG’S RULING ON SAME SEX MARRIAGE IN INDIANA. Federal Court Ruling On Legality Of Same Sex Marriage in Indiana