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Indpls Recorder in 2014

The Indianapolis Recorder is the second oldest African-American newspaper in the country.  Next year the newspaper celebrates 120 Years of Service to Indianapolis and Indiana.  Despite being a venerable institution in the community, a new generation of leadership is bringing the Recorder into the 21st century.

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Indpls Recorder in 1968

While continuing to uphold the standards and mission of Black newspapers and the Black Press of raising the issues that impact the African-American community and Speaking Truth to Power.  In a special Afternoons with Amos, journalists from both the Indianapolis Recorder and its sister publication Indiana Minority Business Magazine explained how the Recorder operates and answered listeners concerns and took plenty of notes from the positive suggestions and constructive criticisms.

ind min bizness

Indiana Minority Business Magazine

Appearing on the program were: Recorder journalists Jessica Key and Victoria Davis and from Indiana Minority Business Magazine Ebony Chappell.  As disclosure, Afternoons with Amos host Amos Brown writes a weekly Recorder column. The guests talked about the history of the Recorder and how the paper has changed over the years, including how crime has been portrayed. The interview and interaction with listeners and the community will gave the community a better understanding of how the Indianapolis Recorder and Indiana Minority Business Magazine operate in today’s changed media environment where online readership of publications is growing, while the size of printed newspapers is shrinking.  Click the Media Player to Hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview with journalists from Indianapolis leading Black print publications. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.  Part 1 – Runs 53 Minutes. 

Part 2 – Runs 42 Minutes.

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