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Gov Mike Pence

Source: Indiana Governors office / Gov Office

In a tense, contentious interview, Indiana Governor Mike Pence tried to defend the now controversial Indiana Religious Freedom restoration Act.  Appearing on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous, Gov. Pence said clearly that the new law, which has been blasted by local and national business leaders, the NCAA, the NBA, the Indiana Pacers and Sunday morning by Butler University as being discriminatory, that those people and the nation had the wrong interpretation.  Repeatedly citing a federal law passed in 1993 during the Clinton Administration, Gov. Pence tried to defend the law and said that it wouldn’t permit individual acts of discrimination. The Governor repeatedly said the law protects individuals religious rights against government action.  But when George Stephanopolous asked the Governor if the law would permit a business to discriminate against gays, the Governor ducked the question.  Repeatedly.  Even when Stephanopolous asked for a direct Yes or No answer to the questions about discrimination, the Governor dodged and ducked and didn’t answer the ABC Chief Anchor’s direct questions.  Reaction to the interview on social media has been swift, fierce and mostly negative.  See The Video For Yourself!