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Afternoons with Amos Aug 11

IMPD Chief Rick Hite (left) As’t Chief Lloyd Crowe Appearing On Indy’s Black Stations In Wake Of Fatal Police Shooting

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Wednesday, August 26, 2015. (Extended Interview With IMPD Chief Rick Hite Starts At 1:01:48 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). In the wake of the firestorm of community criticism to a proposal by Ten Point Coalition’s Rev. Charles Harrison that IMPD should employ “stop and frisk” tactics to reduce the sudden surge of gun violence in Indianapolis, IMPD Chief Rick Hite appeared on Afternoons with Amos to explain clearly that stop and frisk wasn’t a tactic that the department would be employing.  Chief Hite told Amos and listeners that there might be steeped up patrols in key areas based on current crime data, but he had no intention of employing the controversial tactic throughout the city.  Chief Hite talked about the surge in gun violence and shared some startling stats.  Roughly a third of the 83 criminal homicides in Indianapolis this year are because of drugs.  Only three (3) of those 83 victims were persons under 18.  The majority of the victims are young adults or those between 18 and 40.  The Chief said a major part of the problem is the inability of young people and young adults to settle their disputes peacefully or without the use of firearms.  Asked whether he was talking with young people and the “grassroots” Chief Hite emphatically said he was.  That he even goes out to talk with young people and young adults specifically about their concerns.  Chief Hite said that the younger generations don’t get their information the way the older generations do and that young people are mistrustful of existing leaders.  He said repeatedly that young people and young adults tell him that they  want leaders who hear and understand their concerns and will act upon them.  Chief Hite appealed to the community for information behind the killing of 2 people early Sunday morning at a gas station at 38th and Lafayette Road. The community can call CrimeStoppers at 262-TIPS; 262-8477 with information on that and other criminal activity.

Janet Langhart Cohen

Janet Langhart Cohen

(Interview With Janet Langhart Cohen Starts At 37:36 Mark On Media Player). Janet Langhart Cohen was born in Indianapolis, grew up in Lockfield, graduated from Crispus Attucks.  She went on to be a top TV personality and journalist with ABC, CBS, NBC AND BET for several decades.  The author of three books, Janet Langhart Cohen, when her husband William Cohen was Secretary of Defense, stood up for our military families.  Janet Langhart Cohen is passionate about Black people and standing up for what was right.

Anne & Emmitt

Scene From Anne & Emmitt / Janet Langhart Cohen

That’s why she wrote a one act play Anne & Emmitt that imagines if these two young teen victims of racism, bigotry and violence – Anne Frank and Emmitt Till were to meet what would they say to each other.  Anne & Emmitt will play Friday thru Sunday September 4th to 6th at the Indiana Repertory Theater. In an exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview, Janet Langhart Cohen talked about the play, why she wrote it, some background of the relatively unknown history of Emmitt Till to today’s generation. She even commented on the crisis involving Bethel AME Church. Click for details on IRT Performances of Anne & Emmitt. CLICK FOR INFO. TICKETS FOR ANNE & EMMITT AT IRT

Bethel AME Church Indianapolis

Front of Bethel AME Church in Indy

(Interview Regarding New Info On Bethel AME Church Starts At 1:26:45 Mark On Media Player). Speaking of Bethel AME Church, there seems to be more to the story. After last Thursday’s interview with folks from Bethel concerned the historic church, Indy’s oldest Black church, was in danger, the Pastor of the church Rev. Lewis Parham called in to “set the record straight”. In an unexpected interview with Amos, Rev. Parham said the leadership of the church has decided to move its historic location to another part of the westside.  He said that Chase Bank had been a great partner working with the church in its financial difficulties.  Rev. Parham said that those who appeared on Afternoons with Amos last week were those with the church and community who want the existing church building to remain at 414 West Vermont as “a sacred place”.  But Rev. Parham says the church’s decision to sell the land and building would be contingent on a new owner preserving the existing building structure, even if the use for the building might not be as a church. (Interview With Former IPS Board President Annie Roof At 13:49 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Annie Roof is the former President of the IPS School Board. She applied to be considered for the vacancy on the IPS Board caused by the resignation several weeks ago of Board Member Caitlin Hannon. But the Board didn’t consider Roof for the vacancy. Instead three finalists – former Deputy Mayor for Bart Peterson Mike O’Connor; former City-County Councilwoman and Hispanic leader Karen Celestino Horseman and Will Pritchard are being considered.  In the Afternoons with Amos Interview, Annie Roof expressed concern that the Board was choosing between people with no experience with IPS and no experience understanding the critical issues.  Roof was concerned that the Board would choose someone who would following the corporation, education reform agenda to the detriment of IPS students and parents.  However, Roof hopes the School Board doesn’t ignore the history making opportunity to choose its first Hispanic member.  Hispanics make up nearly 25% of the students in IPS and over 10% of the total population of the school district.  IPS current has no Hispanic administrations and the district has been notably lacking in sensitivity towards the growing IPS Hispanic population. The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Runs 101 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.