The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, October 27, 2015.  This Fall, forty-three of the fifty-three candidates for Indianapolis/Marion County City-County Council appeared on Afternoons with Amos ambitious Candidate Tuesday interviews. On the Final Candidate Tuesday of the 2015 elections, Council candidates from Districts 7, 8, 9 and 10 appeared.

Council district 7

Source: City-County Council District 7 / City of Indy

Council District 7:  Includes the neighborhoods around Butler-Tarkington, southern Meridian-Kessler, the Grandview/Fox Hill Corridor, northern UNWA, along Westlane from Hoover to Michigan Roads, Washington and Pike Township neighborhoods along Westlane/71st from Hoover to Guion Roads. The District is. 46.3% White, 6.2% Hispanic, 47.6% Black.

Council District 8

Source: City-County Council District 8 / City of Indy

Council District 8: Includes the neighborhoods around Marion University, southwestern Washington Township, and southeastern Pike township along Guion and Georgetown Roads from 52nd to 71st. The District is – 35.7% White, 54.0% Black; 10.7% Hispanic.

Council District 9

Source: City of Indy / City of Indy

Council District 9: Includes the neighborhoods of Mapleton-Fall Creek, the area around the Fairgrounds, northern Forest Manor, the Meadows, Millersville/Devon areas, part of SoBro and neighborhoods along College and Keystone From 38th to Kessler. The District is – 34.7% white; 62.0% Black; 2.9% Hispanic.

Council District 10

Source: Council District 10 / City of Indy

Council District 10: Includes neighborhoods north central Wayne and south central Pike Townships. Roughly 34th from Guion Road to Eagle Creek, north to 56th, east to I-65 and back down to 38th and 34th. The District is 32.6% white; 48.5% Black and 24.3% Hispanic.

Chuck Madden

Chuck Madden

Adrienne Slash

Adrianne Slash

(Interview With Republican Council Candidates From Districts 7 and 9 Starts At 4:42 Mark On PODCAST Media Player)Republican Council candidates Adrianne Slash, District 7 and Chuck Madden, District 9 appeared on this Final Candidate Tuesday of the 2015 election.  Both reinforced their concerns about public safety and infrastructure.  Both Slash and Madden said that if elected they would be more effective City-County Councilors than their opponents.  They stressed the importance of working with the existing neighborhood associations to get things done.  Both Madden and Slash stressed economic development and bringing jobs into their districts.  Asked whether being Republican and the toxic nature of Presidential candidates like Donald Trump would negatively hurt their campaign, Adrianne Slash and Chuck Madden stressed they weren’t in the image of Trump or other Republicans on the national scene.  They stressed their ability to work together.  Both Republican candidates also condemned the news that the city tried to spend $6 million for the Blue Indy cars with out Council approval, which has led to the County Auditor suing the Mayor and the City.

Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

Monroe Gray

Monroe Gray

Maggie Lewis

Maggie Lewis

(Interview with Democratic Council Incumbents From Districts 7, 8 and 10 Starts At 51:39 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Democratic incumbent Councillors also appeared on the Final 2015 Candidate Tuesday. Councilman Joe Simpson, District 7; Monroe Gray, District 8 and Council President Maggie Lewis, District 10 talked about the record of accomplishment of Council Democrats.  That included finding more money to put more police on the streets and passing a budget that was fiscally responsible.  Lewis stressed how much cooperation there actually is between Councillors of the different parties. Gray said that sometimes things get tense but most of the time the members of the Council are working together for the benefit of their districts and the city/county as a whole.  The three Democrats blasted the Ballard Administration for their excesses including the Vision Fleet, Justice Center and Blue Indy deals.  They feel that if Democrat Joe Hogsett is elected Mayor, while they will work with him, they said if there are issues they disagree with him they could disagree. Gray, Simpson and Lewis also said that it was if re-elected they wanted to take a new look at the TIF (tax districts) that have millions in excess dollars that should be redirected back to neighborhood needs.  The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Runs 92 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.  PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.

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