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DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good spent Valentine’s Day at an LA church promoting their new book, “The Wait.”  During what was supposed to be a Q&A about the book, one audience member criticized Good for what she was wearing on the cover of a magazine, then proceeded to tell her that she needs to “cover up.”  Franklin quickly let everyone know that no one tells his wife how to dress.

The audience member stated, “This is not offensive, but I was at the grocery store and I looked at a newssatand and saw you — and you had your breast showing.”  The woman continued, “So, so, I wasn’t gonna come here, I wasn’t, but the Lord brought me here to see you.  You’re beautiful.  You are a beautiful young woman and your testimony is awesome.  It’s awesome.  Amen, amen!  The Lord let me come and push past the judgement, because you have to make sure what you say and what you do match up, you understand?  So, we’re gonna cover up, right?”

Franklin quickly shut down the comment and came to the defense of his wife stating, “Wait a minute — no, no! Nuh-unh.”  He continued, “That is not what we’re here for.  She’s not gonna cover up, she gon’ wear what she wants to wear in the name of Jesus, amen.  Amen?  Amen.  Yes she will!  God bless you, we love you, I love you dearly but she has been as Christian as she is right now when she wore whatever she wanted to wear, so no we ain’t doing that!”

Franklin then hugged and kissed Good, as she wiped away tears.  Good then addressed the woman who made the comment and said, “If that’s how you feel, pray for me, and I love you and God bless you.”

This is not the first time Franklin has spoken out in defense of Good’s wardrobe choices.  Last summer Franklin said, “I don’t own her [and] she doesn’t own me.  We are together and I respect whatever she chooses to put on.  When I married her, I said, ‘I accept you for who you are.  And whatever you choose to wear, that is your right.'”  He then went on to explain that it is about her heart, not her dress.

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