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Bishop TD Jakes believes that contemporary parenting has led to younger people being disconnected from religion.

I don’t think contemporary parents have raised their children in church like my generation was raised — it was just a forgone conclusion. It’s Sunday morning and you’re going to church.” he recently told the Associated Press.

The best-selling author and new talk-show host added: “We skipped a generation and so we lost a generation, and I think we have to be much more intentional about communicating our faith in ways that is relevant to a broader culture who receives everything over their phones.”

In the exclusive interview, Jakes also opened up about his new self-titled talk show, this year’s ‘vicious” presidential campaign and the country not being as divided as it seems.

On why the “TD Jakes Show” is about substance:

I don’t expect to do guttural shows. I am not that kind of person and don’t want to be characterized in that way, but we are going to uplifting shows. We will meet people where they are. I have been dealing with people who have had substance abuse. I have been dealing with human trafficking. I have been dealing with domestic violence. I have been dealing with family conflict. … This is going to be a potpourri … in terms of the diversity of shows each day.”

On not wanting to get involved in the presidential election:

I have never seen a campaign that was as visceral as this one. …. My concern is not with the politicians, it’s with the policies. I think that we are so engrossed with the politicians and their conversations that we are missing the policies and what I want to do on my show is highlight the policies. … I want to bring it back to Americans.”

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