Disturbed by seeing a man hungry on Thanksgiving Day, the late Rev. Mozel Sanders started feeding the hungry on Thanksgiving. Since has passing, it has grown to an annual tradition, where it aims to help feed about 40,000 people around Indianapolis each year.

Just last year, nearly 2,000 people lent their time and effort to continue the tradition of providing a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, dressing, green beans and dessert to those less fortunate around the city of Indianapolis.

The volunteers prepared 15,000 pounds of turkey, 10,000 pounds of dressing, 2,000 cans of green beans, 1,200 gallons of gravy, 10,000 pounds of apple crisp and 80,000 dinner rolls.

Rev. Sanders was honored at WTLC’s 50th Anniversary Gala late last year, hit the play button above, to see the the change the impact and change that he provided for the city of Indianapolis.

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