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1. Political Update

What You Need To Know:

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Political Action Committee has endorsed Joe Biden’s campaign for president.

2. Historic Decision Supreme Court Decision Calls For Unanimous Jury Verdicts In State Criminal Trials For Serious Offenses

What You Need To Know:

The United States Supreme Court may have changed the lives of hundreds of people currently imprisoned. 

3. Coronavirus Update: Evictions Continue Across U.S. Despite Ban During Pandemic

What You Need To Know: 

According to an investigation by ProPublica, landlords in at least four states have violated the ban on evictions, which was put in place by the CARES Act to ease the financial impact of the pandemic on individuals and families.

4. Lawsuit Charges Greed At The Root Of Banks Approving Loans in Paycheck Protection Program Applications

What You Need To Know:

A spotlight is now focused on big banks in the wake of the now bankrupt stimulus funds for small businesses. 

5. Black Man Killed by Police In California Walmart

What You Need To Know:

A black man was killed by police this weekend in a San Leandro, California Walmart. Police reports indicate they were called to the San Francisco Bay store Saturday afternoon about a robbery in progress. 

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