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Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Source: Reach Media / Radio One Digital


Tasha Cobbs Leonard is back with a brand new album. “Hymns (Live)” is the brand new from Leonard who is also the Co-Pastor of The Purpose Place Church in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband Kenny Leonard.

When talking about the meaning of her new single “The Moment,” Leonard said, “Wow. So this song, it just kind of speaks of what our praise can do. I think a lot of times we can get into the monotony of what church is and not really think about wow, this really works and this is just a reminder Don’t miss this moment. Like it’s doing as your hands go up but your prayers get loud it can happen right now. I love this song. I’m so excited.









I am so excited about it, call “Hymns.” And the reason I chose the title “Hymns,” there was a prophet Matthew Stevenson who came to our church, and he was just talking and he started saying, I’m hearing hymns from the future. And it started to really speak to me that a lot of times we’ve learned, I don’t know about what I do know about you, we grew up in church. And a lot of the songs that we sang were songs that taught us scripture, you know, a lot of scriptures that I know now I could just spit off is because I learned a song when I was 5, 6, 7 years old. And those songs live on and I really felt like we were out. This album would take us back to those moments in gospel music, where the songs would teach us about the Word of God and teach us about the history of the church. It took collaboration we got Mary, Mary on this album, yall. I really felt like it will require voices of other voices other styles other testimonies to come alongside and really bring the vision. So we have Mary, Mary, Kierra Sheard, Jennifer Hudson, Natalie Grant, The Walls Group, Ricky Dillard, and Donald Lawrence, it was such an amazing night. Just an amazing moment that we captured and I’m just so excited about this album being a tool for the kingdom to use.







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