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Faith Walking: It’s Ok if You Can’t

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faith walking

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I want to know this morning what do you need faith for in your life? So a quick story. There was a preacher who was an artist and a musician and when somebody in this church wanted to learn to play the keyboard and he was like, oh, I’ll show you how to play the keyboard. 

And so he just assumed that it was easy for everybody, cause it was easy for him. So they had a lesson and he taught him something and he was like, when you come. Back, I want you to know how to play it. So he came back and he was still strong. And he’s the teacher, right? But he is literally, like, you don’t know that it took you long to get that like, he was a terrible teacher. And he said, I realized I didn’t have faith for that. I didn’t have patience for that. You have to be smart enough to know when it is time to hand a situation over to somebody else. If someone’s coming to you for help to,, to learn something, to grow in a certain area and all you. Can do is? Well, why? You and how you do. That you might just not be the right person. 




Listen, you could be a mother, Auntie, pastor, preacher but if your way of teaching someone is always kind of beating them up and making them feel bad. You just might not have the faith for that because you don’t believe in them. You just wanted to get it and get it right now. So it just might not be your job so be be honest enough. Like if you are a mentor but you a bully of a mentor, tell get somebody else to do it. It’s not your job, it’s not for you. You know what I mean? Or if you want to mentor kids and you fussing at them all fussing at them. Get somebody else to do it, it’s not your job. 


Sometimes you’re just not called to a particular thing, even though you may want to be if you don’t have the the patience for it. If you don’t have the heart for it, if you don’t have the compassion and the long-suffering for. It and it just may not be your thing, and that’s OK. That’s not sinful. Some people are trying to do do jobs because you think, oh, I’m supposed to do this. Cause I’m I’m at this age, it’s not your thing. It’s not your thing. You know what I’m saying? Like maybe kids is not your thing. It’s OK. Don’t try to force it on them don’t want to watch children. Don’t be mad. That’s just not a thing and you don’t want to go over there and she mean and mad and irritated. Let him be with somebody who enjoys them, who’s going to play with them is going to talk to them. You know, it may just not be you. 


And that’s OK. 

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