Countrywide Financial, which is owned by Bank Of America will have to pay $335 million to more than 200,000 people who were discriminate against due to their race. The Department Of Justice found that Countrywide Financial charged African Americans and Hispanics higher interest rates and steered them towards risky and expensive subprime mortgages between 2004 […]

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (pictured), a Republican congressman from Wisconsin, said that First Lady Michelle Obama had “a large posterior [rear end]  herself” while criticizing her healthy eating initiative. SEE ALSO: Ron Paul Ditches CNN Interviewer Who Asks Him About Racism Sensenbrenner was heard talking on his cellphone at Reagan Airport in Washington, D.C., bragging about […]

African American mayors from across the country have traveled to Africa for the The 2011 World Summit of Mayors Leadership Conference in Dakar, Senegal. The summit will feature mayors from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The mayors will discus ways to build alliances and trade ideas. The Huffington Post reports: The goal: to build […]

Fugitive taken into custody (Noblesville) –  A man who escaped custody at the Hamilton County Courthouse yesterday afternoon has been captured. Maxwell Landis, 26, was seen sitting in a car outside of the courthouse Wednesday morning. As officers approached the car, he fled on foot, prompting a lockdown at area schools for about an hour. […]

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A truck driver who won a $380,000 Lamborghini in a convenience store contest crashed the sports car six hours after he got it, and he now plans to sell the 640-horsepower convertible because he can’t afford the insurance or taxes. SEE ALSO: Man Acquitted Of Sexual Assault Charges Because Of […]

While being interviewed by CNN’s Gloria Borger, Ron Paul walked away from the interview after being asked about the racist newsletters that were put out in his name in the 80s and 90s. After Paul gave the same implausible explanation that he didn’t write them and never looked over them and was not aware of […]

Has the narrative of poverty been so interwoven with images of blackness for so long that we have forgotten that white Americans are poor, too? SEE ALSO: Is Unconditional Love A Lie? TheRoot published an article recently that says the national conversation around poverty has been discussed as if its just a black issue. White […]

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Hospital officials in northern Brazil say a woman have given birth to conjoined twin boys with one body and two heads. Obstetrician Neila Dahas of the Santa Casa de Misericodia Hospital in the city of Belem says the twins were born Monday by Cesarean section. She says on the hospital’s website […]

The holiday season can stress out the best of us. Often we get overwhelmed by the list of things we need to purchase or the people we need to see. It often becomes a time of the year where we look back at all the shortcomings and disappointments of the year. Here is a list […]

Men tend to get all of the credit for everything, especially the Civil Rights Movement. While Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and Malcolm X are known as the faces of the movement, black history is brimming with women whose contributions are equally noteworthy. Here’s our list of black women who helped to advance the race […]

Lower marriage rates among Back people has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with educational and income disparities between races, new research indicates.