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Black Officer Shot 28 Times By Chicago Cops Guilty of Attempted Murder? (Video)

It appears that the “open season” on African Americans is coming into the light for everyone to see.  Many are just beginning to awaken to the fact that racial profiling is a true and real system.  So far, that is the only real achievement amid the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  But, as we await the arrest of George Zimmerman,  an infraction of justice comes out of Chicago that is perversely backwards as the delay of Zimmerman’s arrest.

The case of Howard Morgan, a railway detective that was shot by four Chicago police officers 28 times–seven times to the front and 21 times to his back–is a mind boggler. Back in 2005, Morgan was near his home when he got off the road to let a police cruiser pass by.  But, he didn’t realize they were stopping him for some sort of traffic violation.

According to the Black Youth Project (BYP), his wife, Rosiland Morgan, tells the story of that day saying there is no way that her husband, a 13-year veteran railroad police officer for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, would suddenly go berserk and try to take the lives of fellow police officers during a routine traffic stop.

Her husband survived unimaginable life threatening gunshot wounds to his body to tell the story that he should not have been able to tell.  But, he did live and in 2007, was acquitted of all charges except attempted murder. is running a petition to help the Morgan family and the site offers an extensive report:

“When originally tried in 2007 for the Feb. 21, 2005 incident; Howard Morgan was charged with four counts of attempted first-degree murder, three counts of aggravated battery with a firearm and one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm.

In 2007, a jury acquitted Mr. Morgan of the two counts of aggravated battery as well as the count of aggravated discharge of a firearm. However, the jury was hung on the other five remaining counts; after which Judge Clayton Crane, the presiding judge, declared a mistrial.”

He was tried again for the same crimes and he will be sentenced on Thursday, April 5, 2012.  He is facing 80 years for the attempted murder of the four officers that didn’t so much as produce a bulletproof vest to support their claims.  Hurry and sign the petition at and see the great lengths that have been taken to cover up the crimes of the four officers and all of the many laws that have been broken in this case to defend them.  Also, watch the video testimony of Mrs. Morgan.  She has also attracted the attention of Occupy Chicago.

-J.C. Brooks

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