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Lutisha Lovely is definitely the Christian answer to Jackie Collins. She takes you on a journey of suspense, excitement and drama that is parallel to the night time soap operas that were all the rage in the 1980’s.

The saga begins with “Sex in the Sanctuary” where you meet Vivian Montgomery at the Kingdom Citizen’s Christian Center. You discover that as first lady Vivian has it all: a beautiful home, lovely children, and a pastor husband who makes her shout Hallelujah–and not just in church. There’s no doubt Pastor Montgomery has a healthy appreciation for the Lord and for the pleasures of the flesh, namely his wife’s flesh. If only Vivian’s best friend, Tai, another First lady was so blessed you meet the women on the precipice of friendship and marriage dilemmas of all sorts. You discover that one of the preacher’s has a secret that could tear friendship and lives apart.

In the second Book “Love Like Hallelujah” we return to the Kingdom Citizens and Mount Progressive congregations, with updates, and sometimes upsets, on the lascivious lives of some scandalous saints. You delve deeper into secrets and lies told in the first book and find out what has happened since last you visited. Both best friends always wanting to “have each other’s backs” results in a shocking turn of events. What they find out, however, is more than either of them ever wanted to know.

In the fourth installment “Heaven Right Here” we discover that the members of Kingdom Citizens Christian Center are well onto the next earth shattering truth when baby mama drama shakes up the saints, everyone better pray for mercy.

The fifth book “Reverend Feelgood” we follow through the doors to the visiting preacher we met at the end of Heaven Right Here. It leaves the timeless question of what determines a man of God when he is living less than Godly.

The Sixth book due this summer “Heaven Forbid” is promising to be a page turner as you will follow-up on Passion’s life situation. Will Passion finally understand that all that glitters is not Gold?

Ms. Lovely delivers on each page the right mix of sex, morality, faith and humor. You genuinely become interested in each character and want to know what happens next. If you need a page turner this should be the beginning of your summer reading list. All books are available on kindle.