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Have we become so numb to other people’s pain?  Maybe we have become numb to our own pain!  So many people are laughing at Katt William’s recent troubles!  I think it is time for devine intervention! Jeeeeeesssssssuuuuuuussssssss!!!!

By Henna Kathiya

Katt Williams’ troubles seem to just keep on coming. The comedian was asked to leave a Seattle hotel late Monday (December 3) just hours after he was released from King County Jail following a dispute at a bar. Now, the spiraling comedian says he’s ready to retire.

In an interview with KOMO TV the stand-up comedian announced that he was canceling his tour and taking a break from comedy. Williams was scheduled to play Houston on Friday, New Orleans on Saturday and Mobile, Alabama on Sunday.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from standup, I’m kinda done,” Williams said. “I’ve discussed it with my kids, I wasn’t gonna do in the middle of a Seattle street, I was going to go to Los Angeles and do it in the offices of ICM or LiveNation.”

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Here is another recent incident where Kat Williams slapped a target employee and the worker lost his job!

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