We continue to be amazed by those who have suggested that Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Jay Glazer of FOX somehow made up the fact that Brett Favre texted a number of his teammates about his intent to retire.

Favre didn’t help matters when he lied about the texts, essentially calling the teammates that publicly confirmed the news liars too.

Six days after the drama started, Glazer uncovers what really happened in an excellent piece for FOX.  (We want more of these, Jay.)   Favre indeed sent texts to many teammates, convincingly telling them he was done because of health reasons.

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That inspired a “two-pronged” attack by the Vikings organization and players to beg, plead, and cajole Favre into reconsidering.  The Vikings offered Favre a “much more lucrative package” to entice him back.  (Glazer mentions $20 million.)

It sounds like the love Vikings teammates showed may have meant more to Favre.  According to Glazer, not many Packers, if any, asked him to reconsider his retirement.  The Jets seemed happy he was gone.

“He’s torn,” said one Vikings player. “I think in his mind he was done, but loves the guys in this locker room and doesn’t want to let them down. He didn’t want to [come back], but I don’t think he can say no to these guys. He’s tortured.”

It seems faintly ridiculous, not to mention melodramatic, that Favre would need so much ego massaging. But that doesn’t make the reporting any less true.

I fully expect Favre to play, just like many of you.  But it’s hardly surprising that Favre doesn’t know himself yet; that he has to feel wanted, that he’s struggling with the decision every step of the way.

If Brett Favre could stop himself from becoming a parody of Brett Favre, he probably would have by now.

according to msnbc.com

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