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Enough is enough!  God never intended for us to depend on agencies and the government to provide for our families indefinitely.  We have become used to asking other 3rd parties for help when we are responsible to help each other in the time of need!  God is depending on you and I to make a difference in this world and to really be His hands, eyes, ears, feet, and get the souls of men!

How can you meet someone’s spiritual needs and bring them to the ultimate savior….. when we can not meet them in the natural?!?  I have complete confidence that God’s messages of hope and salvation are going forth on Sunday mornings at most churches in our city.  I also believe that people are genuinely being offered salvation at most churches…. what I am clear that is not happening at alot of ministries is in reach and outreach!

We are building more facilities while our people are being torn down with the cares of life.  I am not saying that it is the church’s responsibility to take care of every members’ needs without their participation and commitment to change.  I am saying that as one of the largest businesses that our community will have public access to….. it is imperative in these last days that the church… the body of Christ get back to the basics.

Our agencies are out of public assistance funds and it is only October 31st!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if an offering was taken up on Sunday’s and we were able to bless members with mortgages, rent, groceries etc without any strings attached?

I have been involved recently in assisting multiple families find housing after being put on the streets with their children.  THE FACE OF THE HOMELESS HAS CHANGED!!!

We can not have service as usual or goto work as usual and not be in tune with the Holy Spirit to know who is need.  I am looking for churches, investors with empty properties, landlords, apartment complexes, property managers, banks with foreclosed homes, etc. to get involved to help us end homelessness in our city email:

WE WILL work together to find solutions to our problems collectively!

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