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Two of the three Democrats running for statewide office in the November 4 election appeared on Afternoons with Amos to talk about their campaign and Democrats’ chances this year.  Beth White, the Marion County Clerk, is running a spirited campaign to be Indiana’s next Secretary of State.  And Mike Boland is running an inspired campaign to be Indiana’s next State Treasurer.

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Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Beth White

In her Afternoons with Amos interview, Beth White talked about her goals if elected Secretary of State.  Not only would she be protective of Hoosiers rights to vote and make it easier for Hoosiers to vote, especially through early voting, but White also has strong ideas for other aspects of the Secretary of State’s Office. For example, if elected, Beth White would create searchable databases of the state’s businesses and non profits corporations.  Those entities must register with the Secretary of State, but its hard to search the database of businesses.  White would also create a searchable database of minority, women and veteran-owned businesses to better enable Hoosiers to search find those types of businesses to do business with.  White would also be a fierce protector of Hoosiers who buy securities.  The Secretary of State regulates securities dealers in Indiana.  And if elected she’d work to reduce those who try to scam Hoosiers with security fraud schemes.

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Democratic State Treasurer Candidate Mike Boland

Mike Boland’s past experience as a legislator would be used to bring greater professionalism to the State Treasurer’s office.  One of the office’s main duties is investing the state’s funds.  In his Afternoons with Amos interview, Mike Boland pledged to invest those funds in banks in Indiana, not in foreign currencies or other investment scheme that the previous Treasurer did that lost the state money.  Boland said such investments in local Indiana banks would help those banks grant loans to Hoosier small businesses, homeowners and others trying to improve their communities.  Mike Boland would also expand the State’s 529 College Savings Program.  A program that allows families to save for their children’s college education and receive tax breaks for doing so.  Currently the College 529 program hasn’t been marketed or advertised to the African-American communities in the state; Boland would fix that. Click the Media Player to Hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview With Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Beth White and Democratic State Treasurer Candidate Mike Boland. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One. Beth White Interview. Runs 20 Minutes.     Mike Boland Interview. Runs 19 Minutes.