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The 64th Annual Miss Universe Pageant

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

The Miss Universe Pageant was held last night, live on FOX, and it was hosted by Steve Harvey.  Things can always go wrong during a live television broadcast, but surely no one thought Harvey would announce the wrong winner.  Unfortunately for Miss Colombia, that is exactly what happened.

The final two contestants were Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines.  Harvey looked at the card with the winners name on it, then announced the Miss Universe title as Miss Colombia’s.  The next five minutes may go down in history as one of the most awkward moments on live television.  Miss Colombia was given flowers, sash, and crown, as she stood at the front of the stage, wiping tears from her face and waving to the crowd.

A few minutes later, Harvey nervously comes back out on stage and tells the crowd he needs to apologize, as he read the wrong name from the card.  Harvey held up the card for the cameras to see that Miss Colombia was in fact First Runner Up, and Miss Philippines was actually Miss Universe.  It was painfully awkward, and some of the crowd even sent “Boooo’s” Harvey’s way.

The 64th Annual Miss Universe Pageant

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

The Miss Universe Facebook page posted the following statement immediately after the mix up:

Harvey explained after the correction was made, “Listen folks let me take charge of this.  This is exactly what is on the card.  I will take responsibility for this.  It was my mistake.  Horrible mistake but the right thing – I can show it to you, the ‘first runner up Miss Columbia.’  It is my mistake.  Still a great night.”

Harvey also posted the following apology on Facebook:

“Hey Everyone,

I made a terrible mistake tonight in announcing the wrong winner and runner-up for the Miss Universe pageant. I know how much pride many countries, fans and most importantly, the contestants take in preparing for this night. I hope that you can forgive me.

All contestants were amazing but I want to specifically apologize to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines again and wholeheartedly. You both represented well for your countries, families and yourselves.

– SH”

You can watch the awkward moment below and read more about the mix up here.