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Scandal’s Kerry Washington recently spoke at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas as a guest on the New Rules of Social Stardom panel.  In case you haven’t picked up on it in the past, Washington made it clear during her panel discussion that she has no desire to speak about her personal life.

There have been many rumors circulating that Washington and her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, are headed for a divorce.  Washington said, “I don’t talk about my personal life.”  She continued, “That means not only did I not tell you when I was getting married, it also means if somebody has rumors about what’s going on in my marriage, I don’t refute them, because I don’t talk about my personal life.”

Washington goes on to say that she doesn’t really like social media.  Washington stated, “In some ways it’s been great, because people are able to maintain their voice.  It’s a little different for me because I don’t talk about my personal life.”

Posting photos of her daughter to Instagram is another aspect of her personal life she wishes not to share.  Washington says she wants her daughter to be able to make her own decisions of what gets shared on social media when she is older.

We don’t blame Kerry for wanting to keep her personal life out of the spotlight.  You can read more on the story here and here.

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