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Last year Marvel Comics announced its “Hip-Hop Variant” series of covers, featuring some of the best illustrators to re-imagine famous Hip-Hop album covers with Marvel characters to cover issues of new series’.  Last year they released over 70 different Hip-Hop inspired covers, which you can see here. The album covers used ranged from the likes of De La Soul, Run The Jewels, and Dr. Dre

This week Marvel announced it’s newest batch of Hip-Hop inspired covers for characters like Iron Man, Luke Cage, Hulk, Jessica Jones, and Nova who merge with legends and risers like the Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, L.L. Cool J,  Kevin Gates, and Chance The Rapper.

It’s about two creative art forms shouting out to each other,” Marvel’s editor-in-chief Axel Alonso tells Fuse. “Hip-hop is the backbeat for any number of people who are writing, drawing and editing these comic books.

Check out all the new covers and the original inspirations below:

Marvel Hip-Hop Varients - Wu-Tang Clan, Iron Flag

WU-Tang Clan, IRON FLAG (2001)

Marvel "Champinons"Hip-HopVariants


Marvel Hip-Hop Variants - Big Daddy Kane, Long Live The Kane

Big Daddy Kane, Long Live The Kane (1988)

Marvel's "Imfamous Iron Man" Hip-Hop Varients

Infamous Iron Man #1

Marvel Hip-Hop Varients - Salt'N Pepa, Hot Coo & Vicious

Salt’N Pepa, Hot, Cool, & Vicious (1986)

Marvel "Ultimates'"Hip-Hop Varients

Ultimates 2 #1

Marvel Hip-Hop Varients - LL Cool J, BAD

L.L. Cool J, Bigger and Deffer [BAD] (1987)

Marvel's Cage Hip-Hop Varients

CAGE! #1

Marvel Hip-Hop Variants - Kevin Gates Islah

Kevin Gates, Islah (2016)

Marvel "Jessica Jones" Hip-Hop Variants

Jessica Jones #1

Marvel Hip-Hop Variants- Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book

Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book (2016)

Marvel's Nova Hip-Hop Varients