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As 2017 settles in and a litany of new music gets ready to roll out, one thing remains constant…Kirk Franklin and his latest release, Losing My Religion, continues to make its mark as a major Kingdom-building cornerstone.
Over a year later, Kirk and his catalog of hits continue to occupy to top spots on Billboard‘s coveted charts. This ability to write beautiful ballads only confirms Franklin‘s phenomenal gift to churn out chart-topping songs that sit well with a cynical music market.

Yes, Kirk Franklin is a celebrated artist for over 20 years, but considering his impact on Contemporary Gospel music and Urban Christian culture in general, it’s surprising how Franklin hasn’t found more acceptance and accolades by peers, pastors and pontificators within the industry. Kirk Franklin has been a music trendsetter, a modern-day disciple for the Gospel and a certified, stand-up, Christian comedian for over a generation.
Clearly, Kirk Franklin is a man of many talents who God’s entrusted to be His relatable representative. It’s on the basis of this backdrop that stole a few fleeting minutes with Kirk to discuss the music, the man behind the music and his many interesting insights.
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