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Tiffany Hatfield, mother of three, was forced to evacuate her Florida home due to Hurricane Irma.  Hatfield must have been feeling lucky, as she purchased a lottery ticket while passing through North Carolina on her way to stay with a friend in Virginia.

Hatfield lives near Orlando and wasn’t going to evacuate, but her husband who is currently in the military stationed in Hawaii, told her she needed to evacuate.  Hatfield and her children loaded up their vehicle and hit the road at 10 p.m. on Friday, not stopping until early Saturday Morning.  She says that they stopped at a convenience store in the “middle of nowhere,” where she ended up purchasing two $5 scratch-off tickets.

After scratching off the tickets and realizing she had won, she said she was afraid of losing the $10,000 ticket.


Luckily, there was only minor damage to Hatfield’s home in Florida.  She says she plans on using the money to make renovations to her home.  Read more on the story here.